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Great Review of Slingly – The Ecom Business-In-A-Box

Slingly Review – Real Review of Commercify 2.0

I truly believe shopify ecommerce stores, specifically those built with Slingly, are the best way to make money online right now!

How to Avoid Online Money Making Scams

Online money making scams are crowding over the internet. These days, fraudsters are getting so skilled and manipulative that it is difficult to doubt about their credibility. But, research tells us awful news that every year thousands of people are getting victims of money making scams. To ward off this peril, various review sites and non-profit organizations are active. They help net surfers by giving information and reviews of a company that is out on the internet to offer people online money making offers. Experience and research show that there are some common signs that are strongly indicative of the possibility of a scam. When folks are well-aware of it, they can better choose a site and get enrolled into it or shun a site that they are skeptical about.

In many instances, we find that money making web sites are advertising lucrative money making offers with loud colors. This may be pretty enticing but too good to be true. If you find that they are asking you upfront payment from you, it is always better to avoid them straight away. No company should ask you upfront deposit for purchasing your work or service or giving you money making opportunity. But, when you are asked to deposit money or give them credit card details, you should take it for granted that they are less than honest. Many times they prefer Paypal transaction in order to confide financial detail and transaction history. Until, you are going to do business, for example affiliate marketing, no money making site should require you to put upfront money. Some companies run over-the-night scams. They frequently change their web address and phone numbers and locations just to avoid getting caught.

It could be wise to judge the authenticity of a money making site by searching the BBB lists. BBB is an independent organization that gives rating to various companies based on their performance and consumer feedback. You can get idea by accessing their documents about the service and business of a certain company. If your chosen company is not listed with BBB, it is better to avoid them. Online product review sites may help you with information you need to assess the service of a company.

That should help you avoid online money making scams!

Internet Marketing – Do People Really Make Money?

I am sure you ask yourself this question all the time. Can one really and honestly make money on the internet? I have also wondered many times. Especially up until a year ago. Before that I was really struggling and simply felt I was wasting my time. Until I started to get the hang of this internet business thing. I’ll admit, it is a slow process at first and you can easily get side tracked, but once you get the ball rolling, it just snow balls!

So what do we generally do on the internet? We search for information. You may have been searching for information for a couple of hours now or you have been investigating some opportunities and may have tried some. Somehow, everything you find seems to be nothing more than dead ends. True enough, it really does feel like this at first, but do take note of your experiences and learn from them, keep trying, keep learning and you will make money. If I could and I am no guru, then you will for sure.

Coming back on track, if you search the internet, you will find articles, blogs, websites, videos, etc. on the topic you have been searching. Some of these are just compiled and others are very elegantly designed to entice and tease the reader in to purchasing their products and services. Can you imagine how much time goes in to making information videos, writing blogs or creating websites? Hours and hours, even years of work goes in to these projects and the fact is, it’s ordinary people like you and I that started these wonderful creations. Just like you and I, these people need to make an income in order to survive, there is simply no way that they will spend their precious time in creating websites and online videos simply for free information without expecting some sort of reward in return.

Let’s face it, there is no such a thing as a free meal ticket and this explains why very often you find the information you have been looking for but somehow it seems incomplete. You haven’t quite gotten the full answer to your question. If you browse further you will find that you need to purchase the information. This is the creators reward for giving you that little touch of information you have been looking for, but mostly the author’s way of showing you that he/she has what you need if you are willing to pay for the information. Hey, you don’t work for your boss from day to day without pay, why should these people work for you or provide a product or service without pay? So yes, the fact is, one can really make money on the internet and most of the opportunities you see while browsing, actually do provide an income to someone.

In order for you to make your money on the internet, you will need to decide what your interests are and in what way would you like to make money on the internet.

For further information and to see how Martin Thomas has managed to succeed and prosper from the internet, log on to http://www.2000pday.com and read all about his story. I am certain you gain some valuable advice from this free e-book and could get you going.

The Magic of Online Marketing

One of the cornerstones of running a successful business is marketing. In any business, as far as sales are concerned, marketing is the most significant driving force. And given the fact that a well-executed marketing strategy is virtually half the success of any enterprise, it is important that you understand the benefits of online marketing, because it gives you something no traditional marketing methods can provide. Being the most cost-effective, flexible and farthest-reaching marketing medium, the Internet, in fact, ranks ahead of TV, radio and print, as the preferred marketing method for businesses, brands and organizations the world over. As opposed to its offline alternatives, online marketing has proven to be the most effective tool of reaching your targeted audience rather than blanketing random groups of people by location or broadcasting region. And as the competition takes advantage of a flourishing market, isn’t it time you did the same?

These are the apparent benefits of online marketing:

– Cost-effectiveness. In fact, it’s not only much cheaper than traditional marketing, it is also much more efficient as it allows you to focus on the advertising of business entirely on the people who are actively engaged in searching for your particular products or services – targeted marketing!

– Global Marketing Reach. Online marketing enables you to sell to anyone at any time. Since you have an online store which is open 24/7, you don’t need a physical store (reduction in rent, utilities and insurance!). This means you can sell your products or services to anyone, anywhere round the clock.

– Enhanced Flexibility. As opposed to traditional advertising such as placing advertisements in magazines, newspapers or on television, online advertising enables you to make changes to your ads on the fly. By tracking and monitoring how your ads and marketing efforts are doing, you can decide to change some graphic or wording which doesn’t prove effective. In an increasingly competitive world having a marketing model that can continuously adapt in terms of products, prices and promotions to a global audience will make sure you get the most out of your marketing campaign.

– Real-time Tracking of ROI. With online marketing, you can immediately measure your return on investment. This is particularly useful with PPC advertising, where analytical tools help you track sales from specific ads through to conversion.

There are a number of key factors to make sure an online business achieves good results, the most important of them being Web Visibility. Enhanced online visibility means higher sales. Come to think of it, if your products or services are often found on the web by users, you stand a fair chance of converting your visitors into buyers.

Since about 90% of all online visitors are attained through search engines, the best way to enhance your web site’s visibility is to optimise it for search engines. A fairly new industry, search engine optimization, or SEO, uses a complex array of sophisticated techniques, including PPC, to make sure your web site lists as high as possible in search engine results pages.

BullseyeMedia is a UK-based SEO agency, specializing in online marketing and advertising. Our core online marketing services include search engine optimisation, pay-per-click management services, SEO hosting, SEO web design and consulting. We’re a team of talented, senior marketing and SEO professionals with extensive experience in getting you that coveted Web visibility and in bringing you qualified traffic. Taking an individual approach to each of our customers, we make it our first goal to understand their business, their web site and their target audience. This helps us develop and implement a highly customized marketing strategy, that meets the specific needs of our customers.

Kimberly is an SEO expert. In her free time she writes articles on online marketing with a special focus on SEO, which is her biggest passion.

7 Things That You Should Never Do When Marketing On Facebook

When you are using Facebook to market your online business, there are a few things that you do NOT want to do. Some of these things may seem obvious, but there are a surprisingly large amount of people who still make these mistakes.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be much more successful with your facebook marketing, and you will build a solid reputation for yourself and your business as well.

Below is a list of 7 things that you shouldn’t do if you are using Facebook to market your online business opportunity.


1. Spam people’s profile page with your links – This is a huge mistake because it is not only ineffective, but it will annoy a lot of people if you do this.

2. Use a company logo as your profile picture – You should be forming relationships on Facebook. If you have a logo as your profile picture it makes it hard for people to get to know YOU.

3. Pitch your opportunity before getting to know someone – No one likes to be pitched on an opportunity. It may come as a surprise, but everyone thinks their opportunity is the “perfect storm of greatness”. People do business with people they know, like and trust. So focus on getting to know people rather than pitching your business.

4. Talk about touchy subjects such as religion, politics, sex, etc – If you are using Facebook as a business tool, then you don’t want to ruin your reputation by posting controversial things.

5. Send friend requests without a personal message – You will get much better results if you take 30 seconds to type a personal message with your friend requests. And it will give you an opportunity to get to know someone better.

6. Expect to get anything without adding any value – If you are not adding value with your content, then this is just like pitching someone you don’t know. You are not offering anything, but you expect something in return.

7. Be afraid to be yourself – People are attracted to unique, authentic people. You don’t have to be some boring business person, you can be yourself and people will be attracted to your authenticity.


You should use Facebook as a place to meet new people and build real relationships. You should not be using it as a place to blast your links and pitch your opportunity to everyone that you can.

If you follow these guidelines your facebook marketing will be far more effective, you will build more solid business relationships and make more money.

To learn more about Facebook and Social Media Marketing in general you can go to the following site for much more free training: Social Media Marketing