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Digital video editing takes more than just a camcorder?

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Home videos with professional footage and special effects: this is the outcome of modern digital technology. Digital video editing gives one access to the production of studio-quality motion pictures. It sounds easy indeed, but not with all the editing softwares. Things could get really complex with digital video editing, it all depends on what type of software you use.

Digital video editing is not possible with just a camcorder. Lots of people believe themselves to be skilled, yet, when they view the recorded material they realize they are really far from perfection. Every tape contains a considerable amount of junk too: there is background noise, a lousy sound, and amateurish, disjoint shots. Digital video editing deals with all that and more, considerably improving the quality of the recorded material.

Since we’ve grown used with the quality provided by the cinema, we tend to have a really high viewing standard, and we appreciate personal productions according to it. A well edited video will begin with a title, it will follow a general story line, it will have a soundtrack, good transitions between shots and a diversity of angles. Digital video editing can achieve all these and more if you know how to use it properly.

Even the simplest of events that you record digitally should be edited with attention so that you achieve a good rendition. The work seems a lot more professional when you add a larger number of features. With a computer, a camera and a piece of video editing software, you have all the tools for digital video editing. From these three elements, we ought to mention that the camcorder should have WiFi technology incorporated so that you transfer data quickly and efficiently.

Digital video editing also depends on the technical features of the computer. Video processing takes a lot of CPU power because of the huge data transfer. Only a good machine will enable advanced digital video editing. A slow computer takes hours to render and write a video file, and the same process will take a few minutes on a top-notch computer. When speed compatibility between PC and camera is a problem, frames could be lost both during the transfer to the computer or from the PC to the camera.

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